Calendar Request Form

 In order to reserve your event or the use of the building, please fill out this form and submit it at least 14 days prior to your event. When your event is approved, it will be added to the office calender, as well as the web site calender. Should your event cancel or change, please contact the church office as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Temple Staff

Time you will neeed the Building (includes set up and breakdown)
Time of Event
Entry Doors you will need for your event
Room(s) Needed for your event
Transportation Needs
If so do you have a Licensed/Approved Driver for this event?
Please Give a Brief Description of your Event. This information will be placed on the Church's Web site calander. Please include the name or the Ministry,any cost,deadlines,and what you will be doing
Indicate if you do or do not have Keys to enter the building
I the undersigned am responsible for: (1) Leaving the room(s) clean and in order (2) Disposing or trash (3) If the kitchen is used, it will be cleaned per kitchen use instrutions; (4) If supplies are used, they will be put back in thier storage places.(If